In anticipation of market changes inspired by global environment changes and maturation of life environment and style, conceptive products have been developed and launched for each specified industry with such key words as environmentalism, economy, safety, naturalism, health, CC (Culture Creative), LOHAS (Life Style of Health & Sustainability), slow life, and well-being.

All of products introduced herein are "originally made in Japan" developed through Japanese original ideas and the latest technology, that may contribute to the uniqueness and particularity in your production.


Ozone layer depletion increases the amount of UV radiation reaches the Earth's surface. For the purpose of UV protection, we propose to introduce inorganic Micronized Titanium Dioxide and Micronized Zinc Oxide, as a safe and functional ingredient of cosmetics.

Safe and environmental friendly surface active agents based on naturally occurring Vegetable plant amino acid can be more than substitutes for such petroleum surfactants as SLES or SLS.


It is said that our common enemies in the 21st century are resistant bacteria grown as the result of excessive use of antimicrobial agents and antibiotics, and unknown viruses that might be spread as a result of global warming. Silver-containing inorganic antibacterial agents to be kneaded in fiber resin may respond to your anxiety about newly-discovered viruses including MRSA, O-157, SARS-CoV, Bird-flu virus, etc. Silver has been known to be a safe but powerful antibacterial agent for millennia.

We are pleased to introduce such products from Japanese High-Tech field as Carbon Nano Tube, Photocatalystic TiO2, and White Color Electro-conductive Material developed for improving manufacturing and usage environment in IT industry and society.

We propose to introduce Non-halogenated/Non-fluorinated durable water repellents instead of fluoro-carbon type water repellents, and natural chitosan having antibacterial function instead of organic antibacterial agents for producing merchandise that may meet demands of life-style or health conscious consumers.

Clothing made of organically grown cotton, so-called "organic cotton" is a widespread product nowadays. Non-PVA one composite sizing agent that can be applicable for weaving on high-speed air jet looms goes well with organic cotton conceptively.


We propose to introduce coating materials based on antimony tin oxide (A.T.O.) for plastic film and paint, which may block near-infrared radiation (heat rays) and consequently save energy to be consumed for air conditioning.

Commercializing water-based coating has been markedly increased in accordance with the reinforcement of VOC regulations particularly in Europe. It is recommended along such movement to introduce water-based rust-proofing pigment.


Recycling PET bottles has been a worldwide important issue since drinking (mineral) water is packed mostly in PET bottles instead of glass bottles. Reusing of recycled PET resin was, however, limited to be fiber because of its poor property in molecular weight.
By improving the property, it may be processed in injection, mold, or extrusion process that may extend its uses. We are pleased to introduce Recycle PET modifier to realize such improvement.

Advances in medical treatment require safeness and comfortableness of the medicine and patients. Biodegradable polymer, one of the safest copolymer in the world without using organic cross-linking agent, is worthy to be tested as a tablet or microcapsule substrate for carrier of medicinal property.